UGreat Nigeria Appoints Stockists

UGreat Nigeria has successfully appointed 12 great and experienced stockists .

It is important to note that the success of UGreat International won't be possible without the continous efforts and involvement of UGreat Nigeria stockists.

The 12 stockists are:

1.Bellatex Organic Skincare (Anambra)

2.Royalty Global Network (Akwa Ibom)

3.Obesco Network (Lagos)

4.Georgetown Global (Rivers)

5.Odunna Business Ventures (Akwa Ibom)

6.Eti-Eka Resources (Rivers)

7.Sosthenes Summit Fleet (Lagos)

8.Vick-Dan Enterprise (Kaduna)

9.Cannalife Pharmacy (Cross River)

10.Higher Glory (Lagos)

11.Itesiwaju Global Investment (Osun)

12.Divine Uche Best Resources (Abuja)

UGreat...Discover the greatness within you!

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