10 Outstanding Facts About UGCare

1. UGreat International is a product based network marketing company of Malaysian origin.

2. UGreat’s products are manufactured under the strictest and most hygienic conditions in Japan.

3. UGCare is 3000mg per sachet, stronger than any known stem cell in the market today and very effective. It contains ten (10) natural ingredients.

4. UGCare when taken or ingested works within five days of usage and treats/remedies numerous health challenges including nerve and neurological disorders.

5. At UGreat, you receive 30% sponsoring bonus.

6. At UGreat, you don’t have to use your pocket money to upgrade to the next package. Why? It’s either you get 10% or 15% upgrade bonus from your bigger package sponsor bonus. Cool…right?

7. Ugreat operates pairing bonus. Here you earn on pairing till infinity. Other MLM’s wouldn’t give you such privilege.

8. With Ugreat’s placement bonus, you earn as an inactive member just from one leg…even without doing anything.

9. UGCare has seven (7) endorsements from the following world-class supervisory bodies: UD FDA, GMP, HACCP, MeSTI, ISO22000 and HALAL. This is worthy of commendation because most stem cell companies only have 2 endorsements.

10. UGCare contains these super-potent natural ingredients: melon ,green apple, acai berry, cranberry, pomegranate, rice ceramide, dokudami leaf, artichoke leaf, aloe vera and silicon  dioxide.

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