Win Products Worth $2,500 At UGreat’s Super Saturday

As you may well be aware, we have awesome gifts lined up for our lucky participants at our forthcoming Super Saturday Virtual event which will be beamed live on the zoom app.

So what kind of prizes await our lucky participants?

We have Limited Edition UGCare and UGreat Gold bars up for grabs!

So who's eligible for this limited edition Gold bar?

Non-members and Basic/Chrome package members are eligible to participate in the lucky draw that will give them the chance to win prizes consisting of our amazing UGCare products worth a whooping USD 2,500!

More so, for our members who are registered under the Platinum and Titanium package, you are also qualified to participate in the lucky draw to win not only UGCare products, but also a limited edition UGreat Gold bar (10 grams) .

This is the right opportunity for those yet to register or upgrade their existing UGreat package.

For those who haven't registered for Super Saturday: Grow Your Business you can click the link below and register NOW!


Super Saturday Virtual Event promises to be all shades of amazing.

Sign Up Now and position yourself for all- round success.

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