Super Saturday Lucky Draw Winners

UGreat Super Saturday event which recently held via zoom was a huge success with hundreds of members in attendance.

UGreat had earlier promised to reward members and attendees who stayed with us until the end of the program and We did just that by way of a lucky draw which saw the emergence of 10 lucky winners from the Platinum/Titanium ranks winning 1 gram gold bars.

More so, 15 lucky winners emerged from the same rank but this time around, they went home with UGCare products.It did not end there, as another lucky draw was carried out and 25 winners drawn from the non-members/Basic & Chrome ranks also won UGCare products. In a nutshell we had 50 lucky winners from Super Saturday Lucky Draw.

To every winner, We cherish and celebrate you as you keep soaring higher.

UGreat...discover the greatness within you!

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