Blue-Green AFA Algae: The Newest Constituent Of UG-Care Plus

So what exactly is Blue-Green Algae AFA and what does it look like? Is it safe and what benefits does it offer the human body?

In this brief article, I'll be answering all these questions that keep popping up from the general public especially when they come across the words ''blue-green algae''.

Blue-Green Algae AFA is a Filamentous Microalgae that collects on the surface of Klamath Lake, Oregon, USA in dense filaments that resemble small blades of grass.

Blue Gae is one of the most concentrated natural foodstuffs on our planet. It offers a maximum of important micro-nutrients and simultaneously a minimum of calories.

Blue Green Algae is known to be nutritionally dense, diverse, and absolutely non-toxic and has created an amino acid profile that is identical to the amino acid profile of humans. It contains 30 antioxidants, 68 minerals, Omega 3 and Omega 6 respectively.





*Memory enhancer

*Lowers cholesterol

•Antierythema as topical (SPF)

•Improved immune function and rapid effects on circulation & function of immune cells in humans-(NK) were reduced.

•Improved circulation & heart function

I guess you now have a better understanding of the immense benefits of blue-green algae.

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