UG-Proactive: Constituents,Functions & Method of Application

UG-Proactive contains four (4) major active ingredients.The ingredients are apple stem cell, edible bird nest (swiflet nest extract), castor beans (hydrogenated castor oil) & palm leaf (glycerin).We'll look at the functions of these 4 major ingredients and how to apply this unique product on your skin.

Functions of apple stem cell:

*It enhances ultra-violet (UV) protection,thereby preventing the sun from damaging your skin.

*Boosts the anti-aging process.

*Reduces the risk of skin cancer.

Functions of edible bird nest (swiflet nest extract)

*Repairs dull skin.

*Stretches skin (ideal for those with stretch marks).

*Reduces skin irritation.

*Maintains and enhances skin health.

Functions of Castor Beans

*Reduces inflammation of the skin.

*Reduces acne.

*Acts as a moisturizer for the skin.

*Anti-aging agent.

Functions of Palm Leaf (Glycerin)

*An effective moisturizer for every skin.

*Treats dry,dull and rough skin.

*Relieves skin dryness and softens your skin.

How to apply UG-Proactive on your skin

*Close your eyes and mouth.

*Keep your hands up to four metres away from your face.

*Then spray twice.

It saliently and effectively works wonders...give it a try today!

Where to purchase UG-Proactive

It's available at Ugreat Mall for N21,000/$42 for 1 pack, while 2 packs goes for N35,000/$70.The retails price is N35,000/$51 only.

Go get yours today and let's know your feedback in the comment section.

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2 thoughts on “UG-Proactive: Constituents,Functions & Method of Application

  1. How do I use this product and can I use along with other beauty products such as toner, serum and moisturizer?.
    Thank you

    1. you can use our product with any other product because it is purely organic which makes it devoid of any negative effect,only that you don’t use them same time,just give a space of about an hour

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