UG-Proactive: Constituents,Functions & Method of Application

UG-Proactive contains four (4) major active ingredients.The ingredients are apple stem cell, edible bird nest (swiflet nest extract), castor beans (hydrogenated castor oil) & palm leaf (glycerin).We'll look at the functions of these 4 major ingredients and how to apply this unique product on your skin.

Functions of apple stem cell:

*It enhances ultra-violet (UV) protection,thereby preventing the sun from damaging your skin.

*Boosts the anti-aging process.

*Reduces the risk of skin cancer.

Functions of edible bird nest (swiflet nest extract)

*Repairs dull skin.

*Stretches skin (ideal for those with stretch marks).

*Reduces skin irritation.

*Maintains and enhances skin health.

Functions of Castor Beans

*Reduces inflammation of the skin.

*Reduces acne.

*Acts as a moisturizer for the skin.

*Anti-aging agent.

Functions of Palm Leaf (Glycerin)

*An effective moisturizer for every skin.

*Treats dry,dull and rough skin.

*Relieves skin dryness and softens your skin.

How to apply UG-Proactive on your skin

*Close your eyes and mouth.

*Keep your hands up to four metres away from your face.

*Then spray twice.

It saliently and effectively works wonders...give it a try today!

Where to purchase UG-Proactive

It's available at Ugreat Mall for N21,000/$42 for 1 pack, while 2 packs goes for N35,000/$70.The retails price is N35,000/$51 only.

Go get yours today and let's know your feedback in the comment section.

Ugreat...discover the greatness within you!

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