Become An Excellent Network Marketer With These 7 Qualities

These seven (7) qualities aren't cast in stone, but having one or all of them will definitely be a premium plus in your network marketing journey. Let's critically look at each of these qualities.

1.You must be a good speaker

I have often heard people say they don’t know how to speak in public. When I say be a good speaker, I’m not saying you must be an orator like President Barack Obama or Prof Wole Soyinka. All you need do is learn how to improve your speaking skills via reading and learning from relevant resource materials. Speaking is a learnable skill, hence the more you learn and infuse yourself into it, the easier and more effortless it becomes.

2.Present yourself in a dignified manner

Remember that you will be addressed the way you are dressed. MLM is a dignified profession therefore your conduct and outlook must be dignifying in every sense of the word. Remember people are keenly watching and assessing you. Your conduct will create their own perception of MLM.

3.The art of persuasion

Most times, people need a certain degree of persuasion before taking the plunge into a venture or endeavor especially one they aren't familiar with. This is where your persuasion skills comes into play. In the course of your interaction with prospects who are undecided about joining your business, you might need to persuade them on the importance of signing up. How? By simply presenting the facts about the company e.g. UGreat, its scorecard and long list of testimonies by its users. In the art of persuasion, you must be convincing and truthful. People appreciate people who aren’t economical with the truth. Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill just to gain new recruits. Remember that truth is a marathon while a lie is a sprint.

4.Employ the ‘’the personal touch’’

By the ‘’personal touch’’ I simply mean go the extra mile to present yourself to people in a distinct and more appealing way. For example, create a better impression with people by showing that you genuinely care about their welfare and growth. Secondly, whenever you meet people, be warm; give them a firm handshake while maintaining eye contact. Furthermore endeavor to remember their names especially the new members of your team. People love it when you remember and call them by their names especially when you’ve just recently met.

5.Leading from the front

To get more leads, leadership quality is key. According to John Maxwell, a leader is entirely different from a manager. A leader leads from the front. A leader shows you how it’s done. A leader inspires and encourages his team. A leader doesn’t bark orders, he’s always in front leading members of his team. Remember that everything rises and falls on leadership.

6.Ability to teach and guide

As a successful network marketer, you must diligently teach and guide your team members. Teach them the tenets of MLM, and networking skills that will ensure they remain at the top. You can equally guide them through the compensation plan and other areas you believe they might be having challenges. If I wasn’t taught by my mentor decades ago, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

7.Communicate clearly

Your communication should be clear and devoid of any form of ambiguity. When you say something people should be able to take you for your word. Don’t be a ‘do as I say but don’t do as I do’ type of person. People need to know that once you say something you mean it and you’ll wholly stand on or abide by it. The challenge most people have with politicians is not intrinsically because they are evil people, rather it’s because too many of them say one thing and then go ahead to do an entirely different thing. Please don’t be that kind of person. Your word should be your bond.

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