MLM Quotes For Success In October

1. A poor broke person will complain that MLM does not work while a successful leader will ask himself ‘How can it work?’

2. There is NEVER a bad prospect; just the WRONG TIME for the RIGHT PROSPECT. So always follow-up, follow-up & follow-up!

3. Be careful who you listen to. He who takes advice about MLM from those who have not succeeded in MLM is bound to fail. You don’t ask medical advice from a plumber so why get MLM advice from those who haven’t been successful?

4. Success starts with your attitude

   Attitude determines your thoughts

  Your thoughts create your routines

  Your routines determines what daily actions you take

  Your action determines your success

5. Difference between EMPLOYEES and ENTREPRENEURS:

-Employees are OVERPAID in the beginning but UNDERPAID for the rest of their lives.

-Entrepreneurs are UNDERPAID in the beginning but OVERPAID for the rest of their lives.

-The reverse is true for Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) entrepreneurs. WE work HARD in the beginning and may earn very LITTLE, but WE eventually hit the BIG PAYDAY later on.

6. Success is doing the opposite of what everyone else does. If you want to ‘fit in’ and do what everyone else is doing, you will get the financially stressed out life that everyone else has.

7. Your attitude determines your success. To make it big, you must learn how wealthy people think and act.

8. Its all about perception. The problem is NEVER the problem but the way you THINK about the problem.

9. Are you PROBLEM oriented or SOLUTION oriented? Stop talking about the problem. Spend time talking about the SOLUTION instead. Complaining and whining will get you nowhere!

10. If you are not EARNING, make sure you are LEARNING. Be consistent at it and it will eventually pay off.

11. Attitude—Thoughts

      Routine +Action=Success

      But it all starts with attitude first.

12. In order to become successful, you must first learn how to think like a successful person.

13. Your past does not determine your future. Yesterday is history but tomorrow is a mystery.

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