Are You A Boss Or A Leader?

Within the multi-level marketing community, you're more likely to hear '' leader'' rather than ''boss'' when making reference to a superior or upline.

So why the distinction? How does it impact the MLM ecosystem? Why can't I refer to my upline as my boss rather than calling him my leader? Is there a distinction between a boss and a leader?

Yes...there's a visible world of difference between the two as seen in the description below which outlines their characters, mannerisms and attitudes especially to their subordinates or employees.

*BOSS: Drives employees (sometimes almost to the point of slavery)

LEADER: Coaches and encourages employees.

*BOSS: Depends on authority (and attimes takes undue advantage)

LEADER: Depends on goodwill

*BOSS: Easily inspires fear

LEADER: Generates enthusiasm and hope

*BOSS: Always says ''I'' (because he's the one in charge)

LEADER: Always says ''We'' (because he believes in his team)

*BOSS: Blames others for breakdown of any sort.

LEADER: Takes responsibility & fixes the breakdown

*BOSS: Knows how it is done

LEADER: Shows how it is done (Knowing is not enough)

*BOSS: Uses people (and moves on to the next)

LEADER: Develops people (this leaves a lasting legacy and impact)

*BOSS: Takes credit (always referring to his tact and brilliance)

LEADER: Gives credit (it's all about teamwork)

*BOSS: Commands (even barks orders)

LEADER: Asks (not out of timidity, he simply believes in cohesion and unity)

*BOSS: Says ''Go'' (figure it out yourself)

LEADER: Says ''Let's Go''(I'll show you how)

I guess the difference between a boss and a leader is now as clear as 7Up's payoff line which says '' the difference is clear''.

So which side of the divide are you: BOSS or LEADER?

Let's know in the comment section.

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