📮 First of all you need to understand that it's YOUR business. Not your upline's business. Everyone is an upline in a networking business.

📮 Your upline is also building his/her business. He/She is there for support and guidance.

📮 When you don't advertise your business, no one will know about your business and it won't move forward.

📮 Post your business on a daily basis; never quit. A closed shop doesn't make sales.

📮 Getting a NO is not the end of the world. Don't let it discourage you. There are over 200m people in Nigeria. Go for more.

📮 Make noise about your business. It pays. Generally marketers earn a lot when they make noise about their business .

📮 Present your business well…invite prospects to Seminars non-stop.

📮 Be willing to learn and show commitment. You are your downlines' leader and it continues downward like that.

📮 If you quit easily, you can never be trusted.

📮 Remember this game is all about networking…without people, it 'll never work .So endeavor to go out more and fraternize daily with more people.

Are there other tips we didn't add? Kindly let us know in the comment section.

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