The Different Types Of People In Network Marketing

I recently came across this post about the different types of people that join network marketing and I thought to modify it a little bit and share it here. I trust you'll enjoy it and learn a thing or two.

  1. Those that need the products for themselves.

These set of people join the business so as to enjoy the personal profit, they just need the products at wholesale price because of the discount they will get.
They are called Users.

2.Those that want to sell the products

These set of people join network marketing so as to sell the products to their customers and make some profits. So they concentrate mainly on selling.
They are called Sellers

  1. Those that want to build the business

These set of people join network marketing so as to leverage on other peoples' effort, in order to wipe out poverty completely off their lineage. They are ready to do whatever it takes to be financially free.
They are called Business builders

4.Those that join because others are joining

These set of people simply came on board because they saw others signing up. The challenge here is while some of them take time to study, learn and understand the system and even go ahead to reap bountifully, the others don't bother about learning more about the system. They have high hopes but are not willing to put in the effort. At they end, they feel shortchanged when nothing happens and go ahead to tag every MLM they come across as '' a pyramid scheme''.

As a networker, have it in mind that not all your team members will be building the business like you, some of them will join you because they want to be using the products, while some will join to sell.

**So your target should be those that will build the business with you because that is where the real money is.

Keep introducing people to your business, you will definitely get those that are hungry for success like you, people that will build the business with you.

Networking marketing business is a game changer, UGREAT INTERNATIONAL is an open cheque, so keep doing these 5 things.

  1. keep knocking on the door of success one day it will open.
  2. Keep building.
  3. Keep exploring.
  4. Keep prospecting.
  5. Keep talking about your business and spread out your tentacles because the sky is just your starting point.


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