The Highs & Lows Of A Networker

❌ Your new business will embarrass your friends and family.

❌ You will go through periods of poor results that might make you question your choices.

❌ Prospects will act as if they are doing you a favour by listening to you.

❌ You will work your butt off trying to get people you sign up to take their business seriously.

❌ You will reinvest your early profits back into your business to help you gather momentum.

❌ You will organize seminars, cook food and buy drinks, only for two persons to turn up.

❌ Your downlines will get tired and move on to other businesses, forcing you to almost start afresh.

❌ You will share free products, hoping your friends will sign up after use. Rather, they'll come back for more freebies.

❌ They ask you: "if I register, will you put people for me?"

❌ You consider quitting, but for the shame that your friends and family will say ''we had earlier told you it won't work.''

❌ You continue running events and little by little, the audience starts getting bigger.


✅ Your downlines start getting serious and doing things on their own even without your inputs.

✅ One day, you check your back office and you see registrations you do not know anything about.

✅ Registrations from your downlines become more frequent and the pay from your company starts getting regular.

✅ It now begins to appear that you are not an idiot after all. You walk with a light spring to your steps and you hold your head high again.

✅ You get recognized with a rank and your Facebook friends start taking you seriously.

✅ You get an overseas trip award and you flood your timeline with pictures.

✅ You start getting unsolicited comments from friends

✅ You get a car award and your post gathers 500 comments. Some who told you ''it won't work'' are calling you ''a go-getter'' and admiring your perseverance.

✅ Your neighbors come to you and register, thinking its all glamour and shine!

✅ You introduce yourself as a network marketer wherever you go.

✅ You log into your back office and smiling to yourself you whisper...''So I have finally arrived?''

Keep on……..
Move on……..
Don't give up……..

Surely, one day, very soon, it will come to pass. You will get there!

***Culled from Ugreat WhatsApp Group

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