UG-Care Plus & Stem Cells: Here’s All You Need To Know

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions from some of our customers on the new UG-Care Plus products. This will help you get the relevant details you need to know about how the UG-Care Plus and Stem Cells function.

Sit back relax and flip through the questions and answers below, do not hesitate to drop your comment in the comment section below in case you need further clarification.

A. Can children also take UG-Care+ stem cell?

Answer: Anyone can take UG-Care+. However for children, the dosage is usually half a sachet per day depending on actual age.

B. What are stem cells made of ?

Answer: Plant stem cells are extracted from a variety of organic fruits which have been identified to possess such quality/properties using Nanotechnology through a patented technology called PhytoCellTech.

C. How do I take/administer the UG-Care+ stem cell?

Answer: UG-Care+ is administered strictly via SUBLINGUAL administration which implies placing the powdery contents of the sachet under the tongue and leaving it there to dissolve gradually.

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D. What if I am on other medications?

▪️Answer: WE DO NOT ADVICE PEOPLE TO STOP THEIR PRESCRIBED MEDICATION!! Such persons should continue with their prescribed medication even if they decide to take UG-Care+ stem cells. Only the diagnosing medical doctor can give instructions to either stop or reduce the prescribed medication as and when they see it necessary. More so, when taking other medications, all you have to do is to ensure you take your medication and UG-Care Plus at different times at least 1 hour apart.

E. Are there any side effects?

Answer: No side effects because stem cells are already in your body. There are no side effects with this particular product as it is made from 100% natural fruit stem cell extracts. One may simply go through a detoxification process which can turn out to be a bit uncomfortable at times but it is a normal thing to happen. (Refer to notes on HEALING PROCESS for more information).

F. How long do I have to take the stem cells/Does someone have to take them for life?

Answer: One does not have to take UG-Care+ stem cells for life. You only take them long enough to get your body's immune system up and running at normal or optimal functionality and thereafter discontinue use. There is no default in stem cells, however for healing purposes we encourage patients to continuously take the product until a full recovery has been achieved.

G. Do stem cells cure HIV/AIDS?

Answer: No...nothing kills the virus but UG-Care+ is vital for boosting your immunity. Testimonials and statistics on this are still very low and isolated, hence for now, we can safely say UG-Care+ does very well to manage HIV/AIDS as well as numerous types of cancers. Furthermore, UG-Care+ works well alongside ARVs hence we recommend those on ART to take both. Whilst ARVs focus on HIV, UG-Care+ focuses on healthy cell regeneration and improving other parts of the body thereby improving the overall immune system and performance of the body.

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