Poverty does not begin from the pocket... It actually begins from the mind.

No matter your age, we all have the capacity to draw wealth. Your age does not limit your future.
The mind can go as far as you are willing to stretch it. How often do you involve in rigorous mind exercises?
The human mind is made poor by doubt but made rich by faith. When you stretch your mind, it takes you to things and places you could only have imagined.

Where you are today is a product of your mind and where you will be tomorrow is still the product of your mind. If you see yourself in the sky tomorrow, that is where you will be. If you still see yourself surrounded by excuses, that is where you will always be.

You have to think and act big. Always remember, there are no known laws that restricts one from thinking big. Always think big.

Opportunity enriches those who find it and immediately accept it without an iota of doubt. Opportunity doesn't wait for any one...yet it is open to all!

Ugreat is a great opportunity!

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