Recruit More Downlines With Ugreat Lead Generation


  1. You can use it to run adverts for your business on social media by targeting those who are looking for a dynamic way of prospecting and recruiting for their MLM business. Simply copy your REGISTERED REFERRALS USERNAME LINK from DASHBOARD as your USERNAME LEAD GENERATION LINK and paste it on your ADVERT LINK BOTTON .
  2. It simplifies the prospecting, recruitment and referral process and gives tangible results. It is also target-specific and makes the process less cumbersome.
  3. If a prospect sees your advert and clicks on the link, it takes the person to your lead generation page where he/she can browse your content and add his/her contact details before hitting the SUBMIT button. This takes the visitor to another page (Sponsored Info Page) where he/she can chat with you via WhatsApp.
    At this point you can easily close the deal and sign them up because they are already interested in your business.

To be continued...

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