Stem Cell: All You Need To Know In 1 Minute

Stem cells are the origin of all biological life.

Stem cells are the first things that form from zygotes between 3 to 5 days after copulation, in form of blastocyst.

Stem Cells are the Mother cells of all your body cells.

Blastocyst sub-divides to form over 220 stem cells as it migrates and implanted in the womb.

These mother cells produce the cells that forms babies in the womb and ensures steady growth and development after birth.

As the foetus and the baby grow, stem cell differentiate and increase in number to meet the demand of new cells by the growing body.

The cells of your body has certain number of days, weeks, months or years they live and they die.

When the cells of your body dies, they are supposed to be replaced by new cells being produced by stem cells.

Stem cells, however, are not able to do this perfectly, as they tend to depreciate throughout life with 40% gone at age 18, 60% gone at age 35-40 and 95% gone at age 60 -65.

Depreciation of the body stem cells reduces body immunity as the remaining cells of your body, which is the center of biological life, won't cope in fighting diseases like cancer, diabetes, leukemia, osteoarthritis and invasions of bacteria and viruses.

This depreciation of body stem cell is due to man's lifestyles and environment.

Stem cell therapy helps your remaining stem cells (known as adult stem cells) to differentiate to the level where they produce enough healthy cells that replace the weak and dead cells.

With the increase and addition of new healthy cells, your body immunity begins to rise again and your body regains its natural function of repairs and defense against invading bacteria and viruses.

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