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U-Great International is different in terms of its products and economics from other multi-level marketing firms because it’s built on connected economy and the products interact directly with cells for optimal functionality.

The firm’s Country Representative, Pastor Fagboye Olatunde, made the points in a briefing on its current promo, at their office in Lagos.

According to Olatunde, to improve life and living and ensure longevity, UGreat introduced UG-Care Plus in the country to boost Nigerians’ immunity, especially in the face of COVID-19 pandemic, and also the promo to ensure wealth distribution.

He said: “Ugreat, through its flagship product, UG-Care Plus, emerged at a time the world was presented with the rampaging effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

“It exposed the challenges of the global public health sector; and further underscored the need for the populace to boost their immune system to militate against diseases of all kinds.

“Hence, UG-Care Plus became the most sought-after nutrition-based natural supplement to boost immunity against Covid-19, treat a myriad of debilitating health issues and boost the immune system.”

Wealth distribution promo

Speaking on the firm’s ongoing “Ugreat Warriors 6-Month Challenge”,  Olatunde said it’s the ‘promo’ the public should endorse and sign up to in 2022.

On how it works, the Country Rep said unlike others that empowers one overall winner, the UGreat promo make everyone a winner.

“When you register via our website, ugreatinternational.com, for any of our packages, you generate income for yourself, and the income you generate wins you a prize.

“We have Basic, Chrome, Platinum and Titanum. The warrior challenge is that as you generate income you can win bags of rice, power generator, tricycles and even cars, among others.

“The company’s aim is basically to build a global economy platform with innovative and high quality product stem cells to help people achieve a healthy lifestyle, good empowerment, create new reformation and spread global wealth,.

“Whether as a user or seller/marketer, this promo is for you. You can become our product as you enjoy the benefits and testify, ” Olatunde said.

 ‘How our product works’

On how UGreat products work, the Nigeria/Africa Ambassador of the firm, Obed Obinwa, a healthcare consultant, said the plants used for their products are effective and natural.

Obinwa said: “It works directly on our cells, building stronger immunity.

“UG-Care Plus, its flagship product is making waves globally and is famous for treating and remedying over 50 health issues including arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, pile, cancer, prostate enlargement, and nerve/neurological disorders.

“UG-Care Plus is rich in minerals, antioxidants, antibacterial, and antivirals and has natural ingredients such as artichoke leaf, dokudami leaf, and blue-green algae AFA, which are natural immune boosters for proper body formation.

“It is safe, tested and trusted and has approvals from world-class regulatory bodies like the ISO, GMP, MeSTI and HACCP. It is also registered in the US by the United States FDA.

“This is why Nigerians will do well to join ‘Ugreat Warriors 6-Month Challenge’,” he added.

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