Stem Cells FAQs
  1. What are stem cells?
    A stem cell is a cell with a unique capacity to self-replicate throughout the entire life of an organism and differentiates into cells of various tissues. They can be best described as a neutral cell with no specific function in the body except to replicate, rejuvenate and help regenerate weakened or dead cells in the body.
  2. What are they made of?
    Plant stem cells are extracted from a variety of organic fruits which have been identified to possess such quality properties using Nano-technology and some of these ingredients are patented in Japan.
  3. Where is it manufactured and what's the name of the brand?
  4. What is UGREAT?
    UGREAT INTERNATIONAL is a Malaysian based Multi-Level Marketing company with the sole rights and responsibility for distributing these nutritional supplements, chief among them is a stem cell product called UG-CARE PLUS.
  5. Do stem cells cure HIV/AIDS?
    Testimonials and statistics on this are still very low and isolated, hence for now we say UG-CARE PLUS does very well to manage HIV/AIDS as well as numerous types of cancers. UG-CARE PLUS works well alongside ARVs hence we recommend those on ART to take them both, whilst ARVs focus on HIV, UG-CARE PLUS focuses on healthy cell regeneration and improving other parts of the body thereby improving the overall immune system and performance of the body.
  6. How long does it take for one to see changes after using UG-CARE PLUS?
    That is relative depending on a few factors like body chemistry, the age of the person, one’s system reaction to therapy or medication, the condition one is trying to aid and how long they have been under this condition. Not forgetting lifestyle including diet, water intake, etc. Some people may start seeing changes as early as the first sachet whilst some may start seeing changes at a later stage. When you take UG-CARE PLUS stem cells they go directly into the blood stream hence it is very possible to start seeing changes as early as the first sachet. Immediate changes that one can start noticing after taking UG-CARE PLUS can either be positive or negative, negative would be a scenario of detoxification and a healing crisis. However, this is a sign that the body is adjusting itself towards repairing.
  7. How long do I have to take the stem cells? Does someone have to take them for life?
    One does not have to take UG-CARE PLUS stem cells for life. You only take them long enough to get your body's immune system up and running at normal òr optimal functionality and you can drop it. There is no default in stem cells, however for optimum benefits, we encourage patients to continuously take the product until full results have been achieved.
  8. Are there any side effects?
    There are no side effects with this particular product as it is made from 100% natural fruit stem cell extracts. One may simply go through a detoxification process which can turn out to be a bit violent and uncomfortable at times but it is a normal thing to happen.
  9. How do I take/administer the UG-CARE PLUS stem cells?
    UG-CARE PLUS is administered strictly via SUBLINGUAL administration. By placing the powder contents of the sachet under the tongue and hold it there for 5 minutes to dissolve gradually.
  10. What if I am on other medications?
    WE DO NOT RECOMMEND PEOPLE TO STOP THEIR PRESCRIBED MEDICATION!! A person should continue with their prescribed medication even if they decide to take UG-CARE PLUS stem cells. Only the diagnosing medical doctor can give instructions to either stop or reduce the prescribed medication as and when they see it necessary. When taking other medications, one simply have to make sure that they take the medication and UG-CARE PLUS at different times. Give a space of at least 1-2 hours apart.
  11. Can children also take UG-CARE PLUS stem cells?
    Anyone can take UG-CARE PLUS. For children however, the dosage is less than a sachet per day. Depending on age, a sachet can be used more than twice. (Your distributor will assist you more on the dosage depending on the age of the child).
  12. How much does UG-CARE PLUS cost?
    A box of UG-CARE PLUS cost $75.
  13. How many sachets are in a box?
    There are 40 sachets in a box and normal dosage is 1-2 sachets per day.
  14. Is UG-CARE PLUS in form of a tea or beverage?
    UG-CARE PLUS is not a tea or a beverage, it is however in a powdered form that can be administered at any time of the day, but strictly on an empty stomach.
  15. Is UG-CARE PLUS a herb or medicine?
    UG-CARE PLUS is neither a herb nor medicine but a plant stem cell therapy. In the stem cell market today, UG-CARE PLUS is pioneering a revolution of plant stem cell therapy deemed as the safest and reliable means of aiding the body do what it ought to do in sickness, which is to aid and restore health without risk.

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