UG-CAFE LATTE: 4 Health Benefits You Gain From Each Sip

The wait is finally over!

The most anticipated product from the stable of Ugreat International is finally available in Nigeria.

Ug-Cafe Latte is your soar-away coffee mix that is here to redefine the taste of coffee and also provide an amazing experience for coffee lovers.

So what are the main ingredients of Ug-Cafe and of what benefit is it to the body?

  1. Arabic Coffee: Rich in antioxidants and caffeine which helps you stay energetic and focused.

2. Stevia: Original sweetener without calories which helps reduce sugar intake.

3. Cordyceps: Cures cough, respiratory disorders, night urination and weight loss.

4. Tiger Milk Mushroom: Good for lung health, smoothens blood flow, respiration and boosts the body's immune system.

There are numerous hidden benefits your body gains each time you drink this awesome coffee!

So which would you rather have? Normal coffee or Ug-Cafe Latte?

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