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welcome to ugreat international

how we started

We are a product-based Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Company passionate about your health, wellbeing and overall development. Together We can help discover the greatness within you!

UGreat International came into being in December 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This award-winning company was founded by Taufik Samsuddin with the primary purpose of positively changing the network marketing space; in addition to creating healthy and wealthy individuals capable of influencing their respective communities through our flagship product: UG-CARE PLUS. 

Spread across fourteen (14) countries in different continents of the world, UGreat has emerged and continues to be the most outstanding product-based Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Company which ensures all-round health and financial empowerment of its teeming members.

our Mission/Vision

To create positive impact in the world by helping people achieve healthy lifestyles, while empowering each other to discover the greatness within them.

Building a global-sharing economic platform with innovative and high quality products

Wishes & emotions of our customers are the guiding principles behind our every action

our core values

Joining spirit in unity to achieve our vision and mission


Creating new reformations and achieving global level performance


Adding values to the market and creating a more meaningful life for all

our team
Taufik Samsuddin
Mr   Haikal
Co - Founder
Mrs  Asha
Creative Designer
Tunde Fagboye
Nigerian Representative
Testimonies From Our Customers
Prior to using UG Care, I had series of back aches and suffered weakness and insomnia. A UGreat distributor in Ibadan sold a pack to me and after using it, I felt relief immediately. I can now sleep normally and walk uprightly. 
- Esther
I have been suffering from Arthritis for some years now, thus walking became a challenge. However, after I took just one sachet of UG-Care Stem Cell on Wednesday, I started seeing changes in my legs as the pains reduced drastically and I can assure you that as you read this right now, I am walking perfectly without any issue. Thank You UGreat!
- Maria