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UGreat Compensation Plan
Described by registered members as highly rewarding, dynamic and achievable | Compensation Plan

UGreat Compensation Plan adequately rewards members with attractive commissions and incentives for their sales and referral efforts and has in a relatively short period, created successful entrepreneurs and millionaires inspite of Covid-19 and the numerous global economic meltdowns.

UGreat 3.0 as its fondly called, has been described by many as the game-changer in contemporary network marketing. It offers immense value for money, good pricing, unique payment system, repurchase Unilevel bonus and numerous other incentives and benefits you can't find anywhere else.

UGreat’s African and Nigerian operations is superintended by Tunde Fagboye, a foremost entrepreneur, accountant, business development expert; seasoned coach and experienced network marketing professional. His sole mission is to financially empower Nigerians & Africans, avail them of healthy lifestyle opportunities and most importantly, make UGreat the number one network marketing company in Nigeria and Africa!

Available Packages & Prices

  • Basic ($75) N37,500 (2 Packs of UG-Care Plus) 39.5PV
  • Chrome ($150) N75,000 (4 Packs of UG-Care Plus) 79PV
  • Platinum ($600) N300,000 (16 Packs of UG-Care Plus) 316PV
  • Titanium ($1500) N750,000 (40 Packs of UG-Care Plus) 790PV


Mix of Dokudami Leaf, Artichoke Leaf, Blue Green Algae AFA & A Host Of Natural Ingredients

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Outlined below are corresponding infographics detailing the attractive commissions/incentives for completing every stage of the compensation plan.

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