These gentlemen and ladies are the forerunners of UGreat International in Nigeria. They are presently the Gold Executives of UGreat in Nigeria. They are go-getters who believe that hard work, diligence and perseverance are determinants of success. They are network marketers with class, panache and distinction.

They have sown the UGreat seed far and wide and are presently reaping the benefits in leaps and bounds. For those who are unaware, Gold Executive is the first stage in UGreat’s leadership ladder. Other stages are Ruby Executive, Diamond Executive, Blue Diamond, Black Diamond and Crown Black Diamond. Bear in mind that each of these leadership stages, comes with mind-boggling rewards and incentives.

Are you aware that each of these Gold Executives are entitled to an accumulated income of N4,500,000? Or that they earn N900,000 monthly income in addition to a monthly car fund of N45,000? Mind you, it gets even better as they ascend higher leadership stages.

You’ll agree with me that these are juicy benefits which a 9-5 job rarely offers. 

This is why I love network marketing... because in network marketing, you have the wherewithal to determine your income.

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