ugreat business model

For those who are still wondering and seeking answers concerning Ugreat's seemingly abrupt rise to prominence, I'll let you in on the secret and guess what...you'll have it for free!

Without much ado, let's take a peek at the hidden secret behind Ugreat International's dominance in the network space.

For starters, the secret lies in a time-tested business model which revolves around offering a stellar product that the distributor and consumer will readily and constantly key into and keep referring to others! It's that simple!tunde fagboye

Enumerated below are salient reasons why Ugreat's business model towers above business models of other MLM's.

1.Ugreat 3.0 (with the rebranding of UG-Care as UG-Care Plus) provides immense benefits, innovation and incomparable value addition to the distributor and consumer alike. Ugreat guarantees and provides total wellness (via UG-Care Plus) and continuous stream of residual income, courtesy of the rich and attractive compensation plan.

2.UG-Care Plus offers immense value for money and is more fortified than other products in the market. The inclusion of artichoke leaf, dokudami leaf and the recent addition of blue green algae AFA has further crowned it as the 'numero uno' supplement of choice. These ingredients are rare and exclusive to Ugreat, hence other products cannot lay claim to it.

3.Each pack of UG-Care Plus contains 20 sachets i.e. 40 sachets from 2 Basic Package packs for only N37,500. Compare this to the offerings of similar products in the market and you'll definitely agree that the difference is crystal clear!

4.Are you aware that UG-Care Plus cumulative milligrams per package is way above what our competitors offer? Let's do the math...Basic Package has 40 sachets (2 packs) and each sachet contains 1,500 milligrams, thereby giving you a combined total of 60,000 milligrams! Now you know why its often said that dynamites come in small packs!

5.Pricing: While our competitors are offering 15 sachets for N33,500, we upped our magnanimity notches higher by offering 40 sachets (2 Packs) for only N37,500.Considering the glaring difference which will you opt for?

6.Unique Payment System: Unlike other MLM companies that opt for the wallet system of bonus payment (open payment system) which permits only distributor to P2P or registration to diffuse their bonus, Ugreat pays directly to distributors' personal account as soon as a withdrawal request is initiated .

7.Furthermore ,there is no withholding bonus which is the practice with other networking companies. Here, all bonuses are retained and you receive your payment 100%.Withdrawals can be initiated twice a month, same with payments.

8.Repurchase Unilevel Bonus: Our unilevel bonus is one of its kind in contemporary network marketing.It provides you with meaningful and sustainable residual income.It equally offers an outstanding legacy you can bequeath to your children.

Here you earn on repurchase from your downlines from level 1 to 10 according to your packages. Secondly, active repurchase with 12.5pv earns unilevel bonus of 32.5% (up to 10 levels) and gets 3% rebate. Thirdly, active repurchase with 25pv,earns unilevel bonus of 65% (up to 10 levels) and gets 5% rebate. Isn't this lovely?

To be eligible for any of these mind-blowing benefits, simply make a minimum purchase of at least one or two boxes of UG-Care Plus monthly.

Now that you're fully updated on this secret...what concrete steps are you taking in order to earn great rewards from Ugreat? Take a leap of faith today by getting registered on the Ugreat platform and you'll thank me for it!

Ugreat...discover the greatness within you!